Friday, 15 October 2010

PS3 Dead Rising 2 Trainer/Patcher v1.5

It’s a Windows app that’ll patch Dead Rising 2′s “datafile.big” so you can cheat in a number of ways; be sure to create a backup of the original datafile.big first.

Once you’ve patched that, just FTP the file back to your PS3 overwriting the original and then fire up Dead Rising 2!

RiPPERD’s PS3 Dead Rising 2 Trainer/Patcher

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Cheats:

•Boosted Money Pickups

•All Slot Machines Now Pay Out 100k

•Weapons In Safehouse

•Weapons In Royal Flush

•Increased Attack Damage For Weapons

•Increased PP For Weapons

•PP Multiplied By 10

•Unlimited Use of Weapons

•Increased Health From Pickups

•Increased Health For Survivors

•Decreased Health For Bosses

•Teleport From Bathroom of Safehouse

•Pocket Any Item

•No Vehicle Damage

•No Key Needed For Vehicles

•Exit From Safehouse Made Closer