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How to flash any xbox 360 dvd drive with a laptop

*Confirmed to work with All Drives.*

You will need to buy an PCMIA VIA card with VIA VT6421 Chipset to do this.

recommend buying this one: China wholesale product -china wholesale products, since it is cheap (only $9.81 +tax/shipping) *Make sure you have an PCMIA slot, not a express card slot before buying this*

Here are the drivers you will need to install the VIA Card:
I do not recommend installing the files on the disc included, so install the drivers i have posted.

Now you will need to install Port I/O:

Port I/O Files:
For Vista: How to install Port I/O in Vista

For Windows 7: How to install Port I/O on Windows 7

Here's how to install Port I/O In Windows XP:

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Open the "Add Hardware" wizard. If you are using Windows XP's default "Category View" for the Control Panel, this is done by clicking on "Printers and Other Hardware" and under "See Also" on the left, click "Add Hardware".

3. The wizard typically displays a screen explaining what it is used for. Click Next to continue. 

4. The wizard may automatically scan for new hardware. The scanning will not detect anything related to PortIO32. 

5. You may be asked "Have you already connected this hardware to your computer?" Regardless of whether you have installed any cards yet, click Yes. 

6. You will be shown a list of the hardware already installed in your computer. Scroll all the way down and select "Add a new hardware device" 

7. You will be asked whether Windows should search for the new hardware. Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list" 

8. A list of hardware categories will be shown. Select "Show All Devices" (On some versions of Windows this may be called "Other") 

9. Click the "Have Disk" button and point Windows to the "windriver" directory of the PortIO32 distribution. 
Posted Image

10. A list of drivers found in the directory you specified will be shown. Select the "PortIO32 Xbox 360 Device Driver" item and click Next. 

11. Click Next again to "start installing your new hardware." 

12. The files will be copied and installed. Click Finish to complete. You do not need to restart your computer.

Now all the hardware is installed!! 

Now to flash the drive you can use any tut that you want to use.

I recommend using JungleFlasher to flash your drives.

Links for JungleFlasher: 

(Credit goes to Carson from his tut: http://www.se7ensins...gleflasher.html)


Tut on How to Flash Xbox 360 Drives by Team Jungle 

You will need Adobe Reader to view the tut.
Adobe Reader 

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