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How to make a rapid fire controller for an xbox 360


Every one wants to know how to make them, but no one wants to tell you. Well now you will learn how to make a rapid fire controller for under $10. If you don't have a soldering iron or any wire it is about $30.

What you need:
-1 Soldering Iron
- 1 Lead free solder
- 1 Torx Security bit screw driver
- 1 Insulated wire (30AWG)
All these can be found here
That is the cheapest spot I found to get those.

Now the parts that actually do your rapid fire
- 1 button 
*can be found here* $2.49

- 1 old matrix wireless controller

Posted Image

Posted Image

* If you do not have the old matrix go to bottom of this page for a different tut*

Lets mod:

Step One: Open your controller, find out if it is a matrix or not. See Pictures above. If it is not a matrix you can go to the second tut below.

Step Two: Solder a wire to each pin on the button.
Posted Image
Step Three: Once you have both wires soldered onto the button you will need to find a spot where you would like the button to be. Most of the time people put the button on the bottom of the controller. All you have to do is get a small drill and drill a hole in the bottom of the controller case. Then use a nail file or metal file if you have one and make it into the same shape and size of your button. When you have the right size, place the button into the whole and glue it in to place. The button needs to have the wires on the inside of the controller and the button on the outside - bottom of the controller.
Posted Image

Step Four: This is the hardest part in the whole project. You need to make sure you take your time. You will now need to solder the wires to LED 1 and the right trigger. When soldering the wires to their locations you should only have to touch it for a second and then it be soldered. Do not hold it there or you could risk ruining your whole controller. Have the positive wire go to LED1 and the ground go to the middle pin on the right side of the controller.

Posted Image

Step Five: Hide all the wires and get everything out of the way. Put the back on and then put in your batter pack. Go into COD4 and test it out. You will need to hold down the button in order to shoot. If you did everything right it should fire. If it does not work check your wires and make sure you soldered the ground to the middle pin. If it still doesn't work you may have damaged your led and as a result it wont work.

So you have a new controller and want to make it a rapid fire. No problem.
Things you will need:

- 1 Soldering iron with solder- This kit

This kit comes with a pre programmed chip so you can kick some serious ***.

Step One: Open your controller using the Torex security screw driver
Step Two: Solder all the wires to the chip. One wire for power on pin one of the chip. A ground on pin eight on the chip. And a wire on pin 5 that goes to a pin on the button, then a wire from the other pin on the chip.

Posted Image
Step Three: Drill a small hole in the controller for the button. Most people put the button on the bottom but if you like it on the top put it there. This button will be the button that you will need to hold down in order to shoot in rapid fire mode. So put it some where, where you can get your trigger finger to reach it. Once you have the button in place glue it and move onto step four.

Step Four: Now it the hard part. You will need to be extremely careful when soldering the wires to the board. You do not want to try and force anything. You should only have to hold the iron down on the wire for a second. If it does not work, take it off and try again. Never hold the soldering iron on the board for an extended period of time. Connect the wires to their designated location.

Posted Image

Step Five: Once you have the wires connected put the chip some where inside the controller in a safe place. Put the back of the controller on and then put the battery pack on. Load up COD4 and test it out. You will need to hold down the button to shoot. If you get it to fire congrats you now have your very own rapid fire controller. If it does not work make sure you have ll the wires connected in the correct location. 

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