Saturday, 25 September 2010

How to make your own xbox 360 theme

Make your onw theme using Modio. only modio -------------> (no xplorer360, xport360, usbxtafgui included in this tutorial)

This just shows you where to find the theme creator if you are new to modio.

Requirements for just making the theme..
1. Modio

The Steps to make your theme!

1. Open Modio

2. Click on the "M" in the top left corner of Modio. (a guide for the options that you have to use)

3. Find other tools

4. Click on theme creator

5. Load an image in each of the boxes.

6. Select The base color that you want.

7. Save them to where you want it.
Congratulations! You made an xbox 360 theme!

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