Saturday, 25 September 2010

What you can mad with a transfer cable (usb)

SOME free DLC on the xbox 360 (only the Dlc in the video works) You also need a usb over 1GB

How to add Games with le fluffie

1. Firstly Of course you will want to get your profile from your USB memory stick , i assume a majority of you will already know how to do that so i wont bother wasting your time explaining, if you are having bother though feel free to Private Mail me.

2. Once your Profile has been extracted save a backup of it for safekeeping , just in case you do anything wrong...

3. Now this is where the fun starts , Now you want to Download Le Fluffie & GPDownloader (i will provide you with links at the bottom)

4. Now you have the programs open up GPDownloader and Click on Refresh GPD list which is in the top left hand corner.

5. Now the GPD list has refreshed you will want to search for the game you want to do this you obviously type in the search box say happy tree friends if you wanted that and right click on it to download like this:

6. Now you have download the GPD(S) You want its now time to add them to your account so open up Le Fluffie then in the top left hand corner click file>Open file> Then locate your profile.

7.Once Le Fluffie has your profile open go along to the profile tab then click on add games to profile.

8. The game Multi-Adder should be open now and to add the games you will need to click on file in the top left hand corner of the multi-adder and add games , then locate the GPD(S) and once you have finished adding games click on ok.

9.Now that your games have been added you will want to look through the list of games and find your new added games , click on the game then go the achievements like this:

10. Now that you have the achievements for your chosen game up now select the ones and whether they were unlocked online/offline or you can make it unlock On/Offline then change all to unlock all for your chosen game.

11. After each game you have modded achievements for you will want to click on "save to profile Save dash GPD to profile" Like this:

12.Once you have done all of that you will need to open Modio and rehash and resign the profile , there is a button for that im sure you wont miss it.

13. Now you want to open up the usb explorer software delete your old profile and inject new one and you are done



Le Fluffie


Gamerscore mod with transfer cable

With a USB

MW2 Campaign Mods

Avatar mod

Hex edit gamerscore

Nazi zombie solo mod (start game then connect to xbl in game)

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