Saturday, 25 September 2010

Misc mods

Play any xbox live arcade games using MW2

Doing this will allow you to play the full game for free. You get the achievements, you get to go online and everything. To do this, you have to use Modern Warfare 2.

1. Download a arcade game.

2. Once it's finished downloading, go to MW2 > Multiplayer > Xbox Live.

3. Go to Private Match and start it, immediately hit the guide button.

4. Go to quick launch and when it loads, launch the game.

It will be the full version

List of games confirmed to be working now:

# Metal Slug 3
# Metal Slug XX
# Wik: Fable of Souls

These ones work for some people:

# Call of Duty Classic
# Castle Crashers
# Golden Axe
# Zeno Clash UE

Play online whilst banned

I am sure some of you are banned or got a JTAG and want to get online but your banned. Some of you might know this already but let me show the people who dont.

Go to XLink Kai: Evolution VII. Global Network Gaming. and sign up should be in the top baron the left. Sign up like you would on any other site and then as bandwith but unknown if you dont know what that is.
Download will be next to sign up on the top bar you will download evolution 7 NOT THE BETA. Install it.
3. Open up Start Kai open up START->All programs->Xlink Kai->Start Kai.

You will log in then click the blue world to go online there would be other systems but just click on Xbox 360 will be the last one the game type you choose will be the type of games it has like raceing will have Blur etc. to go to MW2 click on 1st person shooter. scroll a little bit down to Call of duty modern warfare 2. Click what country you want. I would perfer you to choose your own unless you have very good ping to connect with them. This is also a good way to be in free modded lobby`s they are always hosted here. But whenever you want to join click the green arrow next to there lobby thing once you choosed your country.
and turn on your xbox on MW2 click on system link and click join and there game should pop up then join.

You wont be able to go to all games if you dont have good connections.
To make your own lobby click the country then the blue world and create it then go on system link host make sure xbox live is on then start the game and some people may join if they want or host a modded lobby there.

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